Snapshot from Copenhagen

Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg work well together. They run Ann Street Studio, where they create visuals for top-tier fashion, beauty, and lifestyle clients. (Years ago they invented the Cinemagraph, a not-quite-image, not-quite-video hybrid beloved by the fashion industry—it’s like a classy GIF). They’re also married and take incredible trips together. Here’s what two pairs of trained eyes caught this summer in Stockholm.

  1. Pressed flower – We celebrated Midsummer with a family in Sweden which was a fascinating insight into their culture. One important tradition is putting 7 flowers under your pillow at night which they say will help you find love, or dream of love.
  2. Bastard restaurant card – This restaurant is a departure from typical Swedish food, but is still recognizably Swedish. Oh and great cocktails too.
  3. Tivoli ticket – After a two week photo and video shoot we spent a day in Copenhagen. Visiting Tivoli Gardens was a celebration since we had completed an intense project. We blew off steam with repeated roller coaster rides.
  4. Cork and Wine label – We visited Hallakra, a small vineyard in Sweden. They’re producing wines in a climate that isn’t known to be exactly friend to grapes, and we learned about the special methods that owner Håkan Hansson has developed to make excellent wines so far north.
  5. Money – On the entire two week trip I only took out the equivalent of $200 from an ATM. We quickly found that many places are credit card only, which I quite like, so it was actually a challenge to spend cash in Sweden.