Unzipped in Montreal

After a few years doing art direction and design for magazines, Haley Stark went freelance (which is like your career setting out on a trip with no final destination). Now she travels for work and sets her own schedule, which every once in a while affords her a trip to Tulum or, in this case, Montreal. We caught up with her to see what she packed.

  1. Montreal is a little bit cooler than New York City with temperatures in the high ‘60s and ‘50s, so I’m packing a few flexible cotton pieces from Steven Alan and Cos that’ll work for day and night.
  2. I’m a really light packer, but I have a bad habit of bringing heavy books along. There’s something romantic about traveling that makes me feel capable of finishing a 5 pound book like Infinite Jest or Underworldbut of course I’m never able to! I also carry my yellow notebook everywhere, where I keep info on my current projects.
  3. This Aerin perfume is small enough to bring in a carry-on, and it reminds me a little bit of Montréal with its cedar muskiness. I never wear perfume on airplanes (we all know how it feels to sit next to somebody extra-fragrant!), and I only use a small spray before heading out for the day.
  4. I won’t be attending any upscale events, so I’ve only packed one comfortable pair of & Other Stories loafers.
  5. My phone always dies when I’m out and about, so I wear a watch to stay on time. I don’t bring any other accessories—it’s so heavy that it feels like all I need.
  6. I’m always working, even when I’m traveling—so I’m bringing my Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet, which is even smaller than my laptop and tucks easily inside the carry-on interior pockets.

Haley packed the Carry-On in Black