The Places We Return To: Paris

After years at Lucky and GQ, John Jannuzzi switched over to an even more ephemeral medium. He’s now a US Deputy of Twitter Moments (not an elected position) where he pulls together the best of the internet on a daily basis. When he wants a brief break from all that chatter though, he heads to Paris.

My friends and I say it’s a tradition, but we’ve only gone a few years in a row. It’s a sort of ‘bros trip’ to Paris, which is funny because it’s this crazy romantic city but we’re a handful of guys sharing an Airbnb. We go with no plan; it’s really just about relaxing, long lunches, and lots of wine. There are a couple coffee shops we love to hand out at: Ten Belles; another breakfast spot called Paperboy; and there’s a coffee shop in a menswear store called The Broken Arm that’s really good, too.

The first time we went, I saw Marc Jacobs’ last show for Louis Vuitton for work. I bumped into Mickey Boardman, who was with Lynn Yaeger, and we all walked out of this incredible show and had coffee outside of the Tuileries together. That’s one of my greatest travel memories of all. I think in Paris, you let your guard down. Something just kind of switches on and you become entranced.