The Places We Return To: Tokyo

Sixties model, modern skincare magnate, and all-time style icon, Linda Rodin has devoted her life and work to the enduring beauty of simplicity. She created Rodin Olio Lusso, the gold standard of facial oils, and governs over an expanding, tightly edited beauty empire. Here’s where she goes to retreat (hint: think “timeless”).

Japan has beauty, serenity, and the sense of things never changing. Life feels very smooth and gentle there. It is a very clean and refined place. Their culture is profound: filled with respect, grace, and mystery.

Tokyo is randomly constructed with skyscrapers next to tiny houses and stores in residential locations. That makes it wonderful and always exciting. There’s Kanda Yabu in Chiyoda, which makes the most authentic and delicious egg omelette and is the oldest soba shop in Tokyo. I loved the Nezu Museum, too. I tried to see the Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum, which I would have adored, but did not have time.

I first came to Kyoto 25 years ago, when I was visiting Japan with my Japanese boyfriend. I remember it being very beautiful, visiting peaceful shrines and sitting along the river. Unfortunately, my friend passed away, and a few of us returned there for his memorial in August.

Kyoto is the most beautiful city. I could live there. I find it calm, elegant, and heavenly quiet; the sense of history and culture is everywhere.