The Places We Return To: Gold Coast

Marian Cheng and her sister Hannah scoured the entire Taiwanese food scene in NYC and didn’t find anything half as good as what their mom could make. So they decided to bring the food they grew up on to the city they loved, and their restaurant Mimi Cheng’s (named in Mom’s honor) is thriving—you won’t find a better dumpling this side of Taiwan. With their constant travels, the sisters find inspiration around every corner. Here’s just one spot that Marian returns to time and time again.

My aunt and uncle used to live in Gold Coast, Australia, so the first time I traveled there was when I was six years old. It was a two-week vacation that I packed for a month ahead of time because of anticipation and excitement. Although the flight there was 26 hours, it’s well worth it. From my first trip to the latest visit, it’s a tradition to stop by Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary where you can feed kangaroos and hold koalas. Also, I love Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach, two pristine beaches along the coast. It’s fun watching surfers, and depending on the season, you can see huge jellyfish washed ashore. As for my favorite local spot, I recently discovered this cafe called Elk Espresso. I wish they had a location in New York. Now when I go to Australia, I don’t have as much time there as I used to, but any time spent there is well spent. Once you go there and experience it for yourself, you fall in love with everything about the place.