Snapshot from Switzerland

If you like your Instagram feed fresh and deep, you probably already follow Mark Rosen (or as he’s more popularly known, @markatthemuseum). He’s got an eye for the universally lovely and shareable, and puts that skill to work at Artsy, where he manages social media. That means he gets to see not just art, but the art world too. His travels take him everywhere from Art Basel in Miami to the real Basel in Switzerland, from whence he sent us his regards.

  1. The tray is from a local shop called Matrix. The design, fabrication, and manufacturing are all done in Basel.
  2. On tray: Kunstmuseum Basel map, Art Basel VIP card, stickers, and Swarovski crystal.
  3. Placecard from the Swarovski & Design Miami/ dinner celebrating the Designers of the Future Award.
  4. Bus tickets between Switzerland and Germany.
  5. A guide to museums in Basel.
  6. Ticket to the Vitra Design Museum.
  7. A new German design magazine and the catalog from Design Miami/ Basel.
  8. Haribo sweets that are hard to find in the US!