Unzipped in Portugal

If you’d asked her a year ago, Vanessa Rees would’ve described herself as a food and still life photographer living in Brooklyn. Now, it’s a little different. She’s spending this year with Remote Year, a program for “digital nomads” who take their work with them on a world expedition. We caught up with her before setting off in Lisbon.

  1. Wreck this Journal is a great book for traveling. It’s full of activities that are great during down time and long airplane rides.
  2. Cachet Earthbound Sketch Books are my favorite. They’re made of recycled paper and are very durable. Good for traveling.
  3. The Muji Gel Ink Ball Point Pen, 0.38-mm is the best pen in the world! It’s got a super-fine tip, which I love.
  4. Birkenstocks are lightweight and great for long walks.
  5. I always bring a black fanny pack. It might be dorky, but it’s so convenient—I can’t help myself. When you’re juggling bags in the airport, it’s great to have your passport and ticket right there.
  6. My Canon AE-1 film camera is great for traveling because it’s so compact when you have a 50mm lens on it.
  7. The Kodak KB18 camera is an even more compact film camera that is great for traveling. You have less control, but you get that nostalgic early 2000’s look from it. I love it.

Vanessa packed the Carry-On in Black