Unzipped in Paris & Croatia

What’s bright, happy, and pastel all over? That’s Yummertime, the joint venture of Brock Williams and Chris Lin. Based in San Francisco, the duo blogs about living the good life (and looking good doing it). Here’s how they take their show on the road.

  1. Zara Silk Shirt
  2. Cambridge Satchel Company Navy Folio Backpack
  3. Levi’s ReDone Relaxed Taper Jeans
  4. Canon EOS M3 Mirrorless Camera
  5. Amazon Kindle E-Reader, Black 6″
  6. Pink Bandana
  1. Adidas Sailing Club Sweatshirt
  2. Charlie by MZ Lapis Blue Lifeguard Speedo
  3. Cambridge Satchel Company Portrait Backpack
  4. Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan
  5. Coach Mens Slides in Wildcat Print
  6. Knickerbocker MFG.CO x Unionmade Wool 6 Panel Baseball Cap in Pink

Brock and Chris traveled with the Carry-On in Green and Sand.