Snapshot from the Hamptons

Ben Wagner knows a good thing when he sees it. He’s an art director and designer based in Brooklyn, whose perfectly filtered Instagram captures the views in Florence, Montauk, and the Appalachians (with a few pristine New York skylines in there too). Here are some of the things that caught his impeccable eye during his recent stay at an artists retreat.

  1. A piece of paper I used to test colors while painting. Sometimes I like these scraps just as much as the final pieces!
  2. One in a series of one-off “gestural poem prints” created at the residency (poem by Fran Tirado, illustration by me)
  3. Windsor & Newton watercolors and my favorite sable brushes
  4. A matchbook from Chandelier Creative’s Mermaid Ranch, the site of the residency
  5. A matchbook I snagged from The Line’s Amagansett outpost
  6. My trusty Staedtler pencil eraser
  7. A floral bandana that caught my eye at a shop in Sag Harbor