The Places We Return To: Big Sur

Caroline Ventura is the nimble mind (and fingers) behind the hit jewelry brand BRVTVS, a line of minimal-cool pieces finely made and beautifully finished. She also founded and runs the Greenwich Village home store Calliope with her husband Michael (who also mans a design firm)—sounds like the perfect creative partnership. Their travels together are just as syncopated and surprising. Here’s where they return to.

We love to travel for adventure, but when we need to recharge and ground ourselves, we visit Big Sur. The environment out there is a perfect mix of biodiverse terrains — the coast, the woods, and the mountains all make for something pretty special. We’ve both been longtime members of the Esalen community and we make it a point to visit the grounds every chance we get. Spending time in the sacred waters, eating clean food grown in their garden, and hanging out with the wonderful people in residence all makes for an amazing experience. In addition to that, hitting up a show at the Henry Miller Library, eating your weight in pastries at Big Sur Bakery, and taking a swim in the Pacific Ocean all give you a much needed respite from a faster-paced world.