The Places We Return To: Denver

Chris Stang quit his music exec job to co-found The Infatuation—a foodie site, an app, and for some, a way of life. It’s a little like Yelp meets Pete Wells, offering funny, thorough, and honest restaurant reviews and round-ups made for (and by) the common man. Here’s a few of his own mini reviews right here for your next trip to Denver.

In Denver, you’re less than an hour from some of the most amazing mountains in the world, the people are nice, and believe it or not, the weather is great. Most importantly, it reminds me that life isn’t just about working. People in Colorado have an excellent work-life balance perspective. Maybe it’s Mother Nature. Or maybe it’s the weed.

If you’re ever in the Mile High City, my first advice would be to get as high up in elevation as you can. Take a quick drive up to Red Rocks (one of the most incredible natural amphitheaters in the world) or stay overnight in a nearby mountain town like Breckenridge or Estes Park. There really are some great restaurants, too. Potager changes their menu completely every few weeks, so it’s always a new experience. For drinks, Green Russell is a really great bespoke cocktail bar in Larimer Square, and if you end up in that area, hit up The Market for something called the Spring Fling cake. It’s a zucchini bread cake with cream cheese frosting and a bunch of fruit on top and it’s the f*cking greatest thing ever.