Unzipped in Wisconsin

Eva Black wields a mean brush. Her eponymous design studio specializes in creating fonts and logos in the style of sweeping, hand-painted cursive—an aesthetic that perfectly sums up her relaxed Orange County vibe. But when she travels, she’s known to have a, ahem, brush with the wilder side of things too.

  1. Cutoffs are my summer uniform. You can’t go wrong with a good pair of cutoffs and a tee.
  2. Simple jewelry make up my three go-to pieces. Just enough to add a little accessory to any outfit, but not enough that it’s annoying to travel with.
  3. I’m super sensitive to the sun, so I can’t go without a hat or sunscreen.
  4. I always bring my laptop. Sometimes work just has to come along.
  5. I’ve become obsessed with reading over the past year and my Kindle is a game changer!
  6. Let’s be honest, my iPhone goes everywhere with me.
  7. Flying with a toddler, you’ve got to come prepared to keep their attention. It’s all about survival when flying with a child and headphones are where it’s at!

Eva traveled with the Carry-On in Navy