Unzipped in France

Rebecca Laurey splits her time between New York and Amsterdam, and her Instagram sees the best of both (and beyond). The erstwhile blogger has broadened her reach over the years, expanding into a full-tilt good-life-liver who never shies away from a cheetah print or scoop of gelato. Here’s what the fashion-minded jet setter stows away for a quick trip.

  1. Vintage denim shorts are a must have that I can’t live without in summer. They just work with everything!
  2. Converse All Stars are my favorite shoe ever. I think I got my first pair when I was in high school and they’ve been part of my shoe collection ever since. I need a fresh pair every year or so because I wear them so much.
  3. When I first saw my orange Stella McCartney sunglasses in New York I thought they might not be for me because they’re so chunky. Ever since I decided to get them though, we’ve never parted ways. I love how the color spices up a simple outfit.
  4. I’ve been gravitating towards one pieces more and more since last year. I love how flattering they can be, and conveniently cover certain areas after a big lunch 😉 This one is from Eres.
  5. I bring my Polaroid camera everywhere. I love capturing special moments and have a box full of the most beautiful memories that I put up on my wall at home or in my office.
  6. People that know me well know that I always bring big headphones everywhere! I love listening to music wherever I go, so this one is a must, whether it’s in my suitcase or handbag.

Rebecca packed The Carry-On in Navy.