About The Upgrade

Hi, we’re Away
We’re a new travel brand.
And we’d like to explain what that means.

Our focus, our constant fixation, is travel. The state of being in between places — physical locations, phases of life, all that good stuff — that’s the guiding force behind what we make.

For us, times of transition are when the magic happens: where old notions spring into new ideas, and regular, everyday items become special objects.

That’s the mode we operate best in — a direct flight from the familiar to the unknown. Our design process follows the same principle, starting with something we know all too well, and then venturing into the new, creative, and surprising.

We started with luggage. We whittled down thousands of conversations with travelers of all types and launched our inaugural product: a Carry-On with clean lines and Cary Grant-type good looks, kitted out with all the features you need and made with the best materials we could find.

Because breaking the mold of an old, defunct design gives us the same satisfaction as ditching a gloomy weekend at home for a sunny, spontaneous one away.

We’re in it for the long haul. We don’t want to make things to last just a season, or that follow a fleeting trend. That’s not the way we want to live — season to season, gadget to gadget, luggage straps breaking and roller wheels sticking. We make objects that you will have, hold, nick around corners, accidentally drop getting out of a taxi, and still love and use — for life. We even have a warranty that says so.

That’s our company.

We’re also people.

We’re free thinkers, careful designers, and applied physicists (well, let’s just say we take the physics of airplane storage into account).

And perhaps most importantly, we’re travelers.

Which means that as much we love our own stuff, our own rooms, and our own beds, it’s the things that happen somewhere else we end up remembering.

We’re restless, incessant explorers. Okay, not the kind with machetes and telescopes. Not even the kind with Platinum status and automatic upgrades (but we have learned how to do that). We’re the kind that are always looking around the corner, out the window, and down the street, seeing what’s out there, what’s new, and what’s coming up next.

We know the world doesn’t revolve around us. But we’ve been around the world a few times by now, and our perspective’s evolving all the time.

We wouldn’t be the people we are today if it weren’t for the places we’ve been. And look, it’s not hard. It’s not a secret club. You don’t have to be an elite member. You just pick a place, pack a bag, and go.

Travel well —

— Away